2014 UCR Medallion Recipients: Pamela & Mark Rubin

Pam & Mark Rubin

Congratulations to Pamela and Mark Rubin for receiving the 2014 UCR Medallion.

The UCR Medallion is presented in recognition of extraordinary service, dedication and generosity to education at all levels and for enduring support of UC Riverside and the community.

Mark and Pamela Rubin’s generosity has touched many aspects of UCR. Through their generosity they have created endowments for research in the Biomedical Sciences, and student support in genetics, environmental engineering, and the humanities and arts. Pamela Rubin is a Trustee of the UC Riverside Foundation Board.


The Rubins share a deep belief in the value of education. Mark noted, “We feel that without knowledge there can be no advancement for humanity.”


In 1998, the Rubins established the Mark and Pamela Rubin Scholarship for UCR students from Mission Grove, a Riverside neighborhood developed by Mark’s building and development business, Regional Properties.

The UCR Medallion will be presented to the Rubins at the Chancellor’s Dinner on Saturday, October 18, 2014.

We hope you’ll take a moment below to congratulate the Pamela and Mark Rubin on their award recognizing their dedication to UC Riverside.

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