Bemoaning what you don’t have is a waste of time. Investigating how to make yourself more valuable (and then mobilizing) may provide you with a critical advantage—and you’ve still got plenty of time to knock this off in 2016.

You don’t have to be prolific, certainly not at first. But you’re wasting an incredible opportunity if you’re not leveraging the power of the internet to build or establish yourself as an influencer.

5. Stay Top-Of-Mind With Your Professional Network

In addition to its power as a tool for building thought leadership, social media provides every professional means to stay top-of-mind with your network. And that, my friends, is half the battle. If you can stay on the radar of your professional contacts at all times (OK, most times)—and this means, even when you’re not actively looking for a new job—you’re going to be the one they think of when some cool opportunity opens up at their company that aligns with your background.

They’re also going to be more willing to help you if and when you do need their support, because you’ve not blipped off the grid for multiple years and then popped back up only when you need something.

LinkedIn is, perhaps, your lowest hanging fruit for keeping your network “warm.” Did someone you know just land a new job? Spend two minutes sending a congratulatory note. Did a former colleague just finish her master’s degree? Bam. Another two-minute congratulatory note. Are you heading to an industry event that you’re excited about? Post it as your LinkedIn status update, and see if anyone (who maybe is also attending) sends you a note. You catch my drift. *I’ve read about people making a commitment to reach out to all of their LinkedIn connections within a year. They set a weekly goal and just send a quick note a couple of times a week to multiple people to start the conversation. Keeping those relationships, I think, is the hardest part. It’s easy to be passive on social media. I suggest to pick 2-5 social media outlets and make a commitment to be more active and engaging than just liking pictures and posts. Respond to your followers or connections and continue the conversation. 

This isn’t rocket science, and it’s also not cumbersome or insanely time consuming. You truly need less than an hour a week to be effective with this. And you’ve got lots of hours left in 2016.

The year is cruising by, without a doubt. But you’ve got four solid months left in 2016 to make a considerable dent before everyone gets “holiday brain” and checks out for the season.

I vote for making these four months count like crazy. (Ready to get started?). *We want to hear how you’re going to continue to make the most of your career during 2016! Why wait until 2017 when you can get started now?? 

“5 Career-Boosting Moves You Still Have Time To Make In 2016″ was originally published on The Daily Muse.

Jenny Foss is a career strategist, the voice of career blog, and a career coach on The Muse.