*NEW* Alumni Career Programs

The UCR Alumni Association has recently launched two new programs in partnership with outside companies, TalentMarks and Career Journeys.


Alumni Career Services powered by TalentMarks is a career platform designed for new graduates, career searches and those established in their career to access professional development webinars and career tools at anytime. Once in the platform you can customize a specific career plan based on your profile, preferences and professional development. This career platform takes into consideration your skills, knowledge and career goals while providing advice, videos, best practices, tools, services and connections to more businesses on various job boards.

Check your emails this upcoming Fall for Webinar Watch Parties and to stay updated on the new Career Programming events here at UCR.



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UC Riverside Alumni Can Now Access Discounted Career Services!

Not sure of your next career move? Need to gain traction in your job search? Want to negotiate a raise but not sure how? Considering a transition to something new?

UCR Alumni out 5 years or more can now receive specially priced career counseling and resume packages designed to change the game in your career!

Your New Alumni Career Services:

Getting Started Sessions: Get a taste of the career process in these single introductory sessions, significantly discounted, and designed to help you with any career or resume issue.  This single session could be all you need or the start of your own career journey process. Check out additional offerings below.

Career Counseling Packages: You’ll get career coaching sessions with highly-qualified Master’s level career counselors who will help you realize your goals in everything from strategic interviewing and negotiating, to exploring options for your next career move. Your career sessions are designed to meet your unique issues, goals and preferences. You’ll leave your sessions with a strategic plan and confidence in the direction you are headed.

Resume Packages: Your resume is your personal marketing tool. Create the right strategy for your needs.  In your package work, not only will you receive a session to determine your unique skills to highlight and target on your professional resume and cover letter, but also a professionally written resume and cover letter that will catch both a recruiter’s eyes and effectively move through the ‘electronic eyes’ of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Your Alumni Career Providers:

These new UCR alumni career offerings are provided by Career Journeys.  Headed by Serena Santillanes, MS, NCC, LPCC, and UC graduate, Career Journeys is an organization made up of a team of highly qualified Professional Career Counselors. All Career Journeys service providers have graduate degrees in Counseling, Career Counseling and are nationally certified practitioners or have equivalent training.  They are dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality career service and individualized attention. Career Journeys career counselors have several years of experience working with alumni populations and adults of all industries and backgrounds through almost two decades in private practice. Additionally, with a team of resume writers, headed by a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Professional Career Counselor, Career Journeys assures quality and the latest resume strategies are implemented in all work done.  Career Journeys is located in Old Town Pasadena, but also sees clients remotely via phone, Skype or Webex.

We consistently receive feedback from our clients that we provide:

  • A supportive and open environment needed to discuss career concerns.
  • A holistic approach taking into consideration how career impacts all parts of life.
  • A counseling philosophy centered on partnership. We know that people have the knowledge they need to move forward in their career. We are here to help people unlock or focus that knowledge.
  • A real solution that works for people right now in their lives– not a forced push to change just for change’s sake!
  • A team who loves what they do, are well-trained, passionate about helping people in their working lives, and committed to each person they work with!

About Our Resumes:

  • Résumés that are concise, compelling, creditable and have changed the game for clients immediately!
  • No canned templates, designs and cookie cutter approaches.
  • Résumés resulting in countless opportunities and interviews for men and women of diverse professional backgrounds.

For more information about Career Journey’s services, call 1-855-8-CAREER


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