UCR Alumnus Wins Canon Short Film Competition


Alumnus Jared Nelson, who received his B.A. in Theater, won the Canon “Project Imaginat10n” contest with “Chucked.

Jared had to work from images submitted to Canon from users around the world.

“The guidelines were nothing short of impossible- if you’re a literal person- which unfortunately at times I am,” Nelson said. “I wrote five or six different scripts trying to match all different photos in to the story. It was difficult to look at 10 of them lying side-by-side, trying to understand how they relate and how they’re going to come to fruition in the script. The tones, colors and ‘messages’ of each are so extremely different.”

“Chucked” depicts a book return robot that falls in love. Make sure to watch it online.

Along with the $5,000 prize money Jared’s short film will be shown as part of a film festival along side the four other winners in the short film category.

Read more at UCR Today.

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