UCR Scholar | Sang Nguyen

What better place for an aspiring doctor-scientist than a highly regarded research university that just opened a medical school? It’s no coincidence that Sang Nguyen finds himself at UC Riverside; since childhood he has devoted himself to combining his interests to pursue an MD-PhD program.

Before emigrating from Vietnam, Sang’s mother was a geology professor whose research focused on identifying sources of groundwater contamination.  Following in his mother’s footsteps, Sang hopes to improve healthcare for future generations and is already contributing to the greater good.  The recipient of the Rosemary Schraer Endowed Memorial Scholarship for 2013-2014, the generous support Sang has received allows him to keep focused on his dream of becoming a scientist in the medical field, including attendance at the Southern California Undergraduate Research conference where he shared his research with colleagues.

Sang was also awarded the 2014 Commencement Award from the UCR Alumni Association.

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